Tradition is our classic Nordic design chairs. The development of the products in our Tradition range is based on the origin of the company, and has always been based on the optimal seating comfort, which has been optimized and developed since. We therefore have more than 40 years of experience in creating the optimal seating comfort.
Tradition is known for optimum sitting comfort and a light Nordic expression on the elegant wooden frame.

A priority for us, is that the wooden frames are of high quality and ensure exactly the expression we want from our chairs.
All components of traditional chairs come from the most recognized suppliers in Europe to ensure high quality for many years.
In this series you will find our chairs on solid wooden frames and Scandinavia’s best-selling senior chair Sorø. Globally called High seat chair Soro.

Tradition is classic armchairs in our design but adapted to your choices and desires. You have several choices in both the color of wood frame and textile / leather upholstery, as well as you can choose various customization options and accessories.

The Sorø Chair is part of our fast delivery / FAST TRACK range in the best-selling combinations. levering/FAST TRACK sortiment i de mest solgte kombinationer.


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