Fast delivery / FAST TRACK

At Nordic-C we are aware that for some of our customers, optimal seating comfort is important at short notice. This may be due to poor back, hip injuries or other matters, which in a short time, you are forced to buy furniture with a focus on sitting comfort.
Seating comfort is our DNA and starts in our Tradition range.
On our Fast Delivery / FAST TRACK you will find the Sorø chair, Scandinavia’s best-selling senior chair, Globally known as the High seat chair Soro.
With a designsofa you can design your sofa according to your unique wishes, but we have chosen to design a model that fits our range of Sorø chairs and place it on our Fast delivery / FAST TRACK.
In addition, we have selected an assortment of our full lift chairs in the best-selling variants.
Fast delivery / FAST TRACK is important to us when you need this. That’s why we ship these products twice a week.
We still offer that you can put together your new furniture to suit you and your home, whether it is the choice of Textiles / leather, bases, the wooden frame, or as Design Sofa, your own unique design on meassurement, just with a delivery time that corresponds to the procurement and production of your unique furniture.


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