At designsofa it is important that we do absolutely the best for not only the quality of our product, but also of the conditions the product is provided under and delivered to you.

Therefore, our products are produced in Europe, in countries where we have the opportunity to control working conditions live up to European standards.

At designsofa, we are committed to sustainability and are aware of the wood we use. Our tree is FSC certified. This means that no more wood is cut than what the forest itself can reproduce. The FSC is also a guarantee that animals and plant life are protected and that the people who work in the forest are educated and given the proper safety equipment and salary.

Designsofa is produced by professional craftsmen working in orderly conditions, and designsofa is produced in Europe, not only to ensure the origin of the components of your unique sofa, but also to ensure a stable and high quality of the product, the professional craftsmanship.
By producing Design Sofa in Europe, we minimize the environmental impact of transport, from forest to living room. We are very proud of this. That is why it is also important for us that we send your dream sofa along with the unique designsofas of others, to ensure optimum use of transport and thus minimal environmental impact.


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